Malaysia Venture Capital Funds

Credence Venture Capital was formed with the philosophy that venture capital is important for economic growth and that Malaysia are underserved in the amount of Venture Capital available to fund exciting new ideas and technologies.

Success is often built by a combination of innovation, capital and strong working relationships. Our belief is that by providing much needed capital to top tier venture capital firms, and building bridges between those firms, young innovation companies and Malaysia’s established business community, we can achieve regional success in the form of strong investment returns and economic growth.

As entrepreneur ourselves, we believe that, above everything else in the startup world, it is the entrepreneur who creates value. We have a dedicated team of business professionals from various backgrounds, dedicated to helping you review and explore future directions and potential.

We provide seed funding to early-stage, high-potential, growth companies as well as growth funding round (commonly referred to as series A round) after the initial process of seed funding. Credence endeavours to help our clients obtain relevant seed fund via securities offering, customised and tailored to their business needs and expansion plans, until our clients are in a healthy state to generate her own cash-flow, or at times, ready for further investments and expansion.