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Company Registration and Secretarial Service

Our services cover Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. We put our clients’ mind at ease by assisting them in business registration, providing guidance in regulations and policy compliance, office rental and locations solutions. We also provide Company Secretary service to assist our clients, acting as the official liaison personnel for our client’s company to liaise with relevant authorities that regulate company establishment.

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Visa and License Application

We work closely with authorities to guide our clients in applying visa and license required for setting up a business in Malaysia. We also help our clients in application of trade licenses required in Malaysia, and will guide our clients through the application and finalised it with the application of our client’s expatriate’s visa and work permit for our client’s foreign employees.

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Offshore Company Incorporation

Offshore companies are sophisticated structures formed in offshore jurisdictions that are classically tax haven or in jurisdictions which can be used in a similar fashion to a tax haven. Offshore businesses utilize the local legislation which provide for tax exempt earnings in a confidential and secure environment. Credence will guide and support our client through each stage of creating an offshore entity.

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Nominee Service

Credence Partners provides Nominee services, where Director and Shareholders are provided by our truthful connections in Malaysia, Singapore, HK and Mainland China. Nominee personnel has no rights over the company’s financial aspects and operations, despite the fact that she has duties and responsibility as a director. At Credence Partners, we have reliable and highly skilled personnel who can be nominated as director in our client’s company to help meet statutory requirement.

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Virtual Office

The location of an office and the reputation of a business are often considered intrinsically linked. If you are looking to expand the reach of your company and increase customer trust, our virtual offices offer a convenient and cost-effective solution. Instead of renting an office in the conventional sense, choosing our virtual alternative provides a prestigious virtual office address for your company, and a dedicated team to manage your calls and mail.

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Mail Forwarding

Make the right impression with a prestigious CBD address

  • Use our CBD address as your business mailing address
  • Keep your home address private
  • We’ll forward your mail to wherever you want
  • Locally or Internationally
  • Pay-per-item: pay for what you actually use