Credence Partners is a boutique investment advisory firm.

Business Advisory, Corporate Finance, Initial Public Offering & Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist.

Credence Partners is an award winning boutique investment firm that provides tailored cost-effective, value-added business solution that integrates our familiarity with local cultures and markets to help unlock your company’s potential. We provide multidisciplinary solutions to complex challenges and opportunities. Moreover, we are also particularly adept at helping you make adaptive decisions according to variations of situations.

Together with our partners, we build a solid track record of more than 20 successful Initial Public Offerings (IPO), fundraising and financial advisory roles for more than 100 listed companies.

Corporate Finance

By analysing competitive and global trends in our clients' industries as well as their market position, we help clients develop their corporate objectives and then recommend a suitable corporate finance game plan. Timely execution of the game plan ensures the availability of sufficient capital at the lowest cost.

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Business Advisory

Every business is unique, if you’re serious about protecting and growing your wealth, and we’re serious about providing guidance that helps you enjoy your success. Pursue your goals with us and find the path to financial independence, security, and freedom. We handle your investment like what we would do with our own.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are exploding in numbers worldwide, and the trend is likely to continue. Unfortunately, many transactions fail to generate expected value or return on investment due to poor due diligence, integration challenges and other unforeseen hurdles. Credence has the experience and expertise to deliver value from M&A transactions.

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Credence Partners

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